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Our Services In Freeport, Illinois

  • Commercial Recycling: We Mean Business: We specialize in setting up recycling programs for Commercial Businesses, Supermarkets/Grocery Stores, Home Improvement Companies, Box Manufacturers, and Printing Companies to name a few.

  • Our Solutions: We work closely with our customers to help achieve the best solution for their recycling materials. Freeport Recycling Center will set up a program with your business or organization to collect your Corrugated Cardboard, Office Paper, Newsprint/Newspaper, Printer's Waste and Industrial Plastics.

  • Managing OCC - Corrugated Cardboard Over 90% of products shipped in the U.S. are done so in Corrugated Cardboard Boxes. Many companies are surprised to find out how much cardboard they really generate. Recycling your Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) can be a cost-effect benefit to your business, freeing up space in your work environment and providing a safer office space for your employees. At Freeport Recycling Center we recycle; Bailed OCC, Loose OCC and Box/Chip Board. We will work with you to set up a plan that will best meet your needs.

  • Paper Waste! Recycle Your Paper A typical office will produce about 1.5 pounds of paper waste per employee each day. Companies that eliminate office paper from their waste stream could cut their waste bills by 50% or more and reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you are a large or small business, we can handle all of your office paper recycling needs such as; Sorted Office Paper, Mixed Paper, Sorted White Ledger, Envelopes, Newspapers and Magazines, Junk Mail, Printer's Scrap Paper and News Blank. Get Started Today!

  • Commercial Printers: As you know a large percentage of your production cost for most print jobs are in the cost of the stock that a job is printed on. That’s why at Freeport Recycling Center we pay top dollar for your printers scrap. Our pricing is based on the amount of scrap material that you produce. How do we rate against our competition? We pay competitive prices for your scrap materials and we will put our prices up against any of our competitors. We believe that you paid top dollar for your raw material why not get top dollar for your scrap? We can supply you with gaylords or even spot a trailer at your location depending on your volume or needs.

  • Why Industrial Plastic Recycling Makes Good Business Sense Are you interested in an effective way to reduce your businesses costs? Turn to one of the leaders in the plastic recycling industry. With more than 30 years of experience, Freeport Recycling Center is committed to serving your commercial and industrial plastic recycling needs. The materials we recycle include but are not limited to; LLDPE Natural Stretch Wrap, HDPE Grocery Film, HDPE Bottles, Crates, Buckets, Jugs, etc., HMW Barrels/Drums, PET Baled Bottles/Strapping.

  • The Shred-Beast on-site data and document destruction services we specialize in purge file box clean-up, scheduled locked container services, regular scheduled services and simple rate pricing. Please visit for more details.
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